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David Gersten & Associates 



"The Stuff of Dreams" —New York Times
"Inspired ... Exquisite ... Charming" —Time Out New York
“A Truly Grand Theatrical Experience” —American Theatre Web
“Chock-Full of Talented Actors” —
“Dazzling … Breathtaking … Impressive … Entertaining” —Show Business Weekly
"Bold Artistic Expression … “Awesome … “Cause for Rejoicing” —
“An Inventive, Exciting Revival” —
“Astonishingly Good, with a Strong Cast and Imaginative Direction” —Culture Vulture


“Dynamite!” —New York Times
“A Bloody Marvel! -Top 10 of 2005- Don’t Miss!”—Time Out New York
“Stellar – Impressive – Exhilarating!”—Variety
“Delightful!”—Village Voice
“Highly Entertaining and Relevant”—
“Jaw-dropping and eye-filling…Heart-pounding…Unforgettable!”—Backstage
“Brilliant … Innovative … Glorious and Debauched … Bacchanalian … Impassioned Performances … Hip … Good old Bloody Fun!” —New Theatre Corps
“Heated, Passionate, Red-Blooded! Unflagging Energy and Imagination, Gleeful!” —























"Sleek… erotic… fearless… supremely modern. A 400-year-old play fired with the excitement of today." —New York Times
"A splendid new revival. Lurid and literate. The ratio of classy to trashy is perfect.” —Time Out New York
“Violence, sex and power are vividly evoked… Terrifying!” —Variety
"Marvelously evocative. Visually sumptuous." —
"A spirited and intensely dramatic world premiere, filled with breath-catching violence, Red Bull Theater’s production of Edward the Second is as juicy as any you're likely to see or have seen." —Curtain Up
"Absolutely riveting, a stellar production." —The Epoch Times
"Red Bull Theater's brave production of Garland Wright's adaptation, imaginatively directed by Jesse Berger, is ambitious and rewarding with an ensemble cast which is consistently strong throughout."  —Backstage

"This exuberant, vividly acted production should cement the company's reputation as a troupe that lovers of classic theater should put on the must-watch list"—The New York Times
"A Most Worthwhile Theatrical Experience"—Theatermania
"Women Beware Women is proof not just that classic theater is alive, but that it can still be surprising after hundreds of years."—Variety
"Nearly the whole cast is excellent.  Sumptuous, divine, whip-smart production.  Astonishingly luxurious.  Beautifully conceived and executed.  Classical theater with a sharply modern edge: Lust without the Dust."—Time Out New York
"This highly entertaining and visually rich Red Bull Theater production of Thomas Middleton's little-seen Women Beware Women ... quickly and excitingly proves to have contemporary blood in its veins."—Theatermania
"Even if you swear you don't like 17th-century dramas, Red Bull Theater's meticulous revival is worth seeing for its top-notch cast, its scrumptious confection of a set, and its exuberant interpretation."—Curtain Up
"Delicious and Dizzying … Wickedly Entertaining … Vibrant and Captivating."—Back Stage
"Delicious fun ... A guilty pleasure and a delectable bit of artistry."—American Theater Web



"A lusty, blood-soaked spectacle, featuring fine acting and subtle pleasures."—The New Yorker
"Intellectually, aesthetically and viscerally exciting - Bloody good theater!"—
"A grand theatrical meal - Stunning!"—Backstage
"If you're a fan of classic theater, you owe it to yourself to see this Duchess of Malfi."—Curtain Up
"This Duchess is to die for."—
"Reserve a seat, secure the bar across your legs, and hold on tight for a thrilling ride!"—




"Remarkable!"  "Uniformly Excellent!"  "Brilliant!"  "Astounding!"
"Insightful ... a singular blend of psychological realism, naturalistic detail and lurid, black-magic-shadowed sensationalism.  Perfectly entertaining." - Ben Brantley, The New York Times
"Uniformly Excellent - Red Bull Theater's remarkable production is a rare treat." - Backstage
"Doubly satisfying ... Striking... Vividly and robustly staged." - New York Post
"A truly great staging of an engaging play by the most brilliant cast ever assembled on this side of Hell's Kitchen.  Surprisingly Astounding!" - Best of Off Broadway
"There is much to savor in this latest offering from the Red Bull Theater." - Theatermania
"The Witch of Edmonton’ burns with feeling." - New Jersey Newsroom
"Sawyer is brought to molten life by Charlayne Woodard." - WNYC
"Pick of the Week!" - Metromix
"Volcanic!" "Amazing!" "Bewitching!" "Smoldering!" "Invigorating!"
"Seriously Disturbing & Wonderfully Evocative"



2006 Obie Award

"Best Play Reading Series"—Village Voice

"With its high standards and splendid modern approach to these plays, Red Bull makes an enormous contribution to our understanding of the greatest era of the English theater, and, indirectly, the greatest of English playwrights.  ... It is heartening to discover a company like this, which specializes in that vital period around the turn of the 17th century."—Howard Kissel, NY Daily News



OBIE Award for Emerging Theater and Revelation Readings, 2006
Tony Randall Theatrical Fund Award for Women Beware Women 2008
Joe A. Callaway Award for Everett Quinton for Women Beware Women 2008
Joe A. Callaway Award for Kathryn Meisle for Women Beware Women 2008
Joe A. Callaway Award for Matthew Rauch for Duchess of Malfi 2010
OBIE Award for Charlayne Woodard in The Witch of Edmonton 2011
Lucille Lortel Award Nomination for Tracy Bersley for The Witch of Edmonton 2011
Lucille Lortel Award Nomination for Cait O'Connor for The Witch of Edmonton 2011
Joe A. Callaway Award Nomination for Jesse Berger for The Witch of Edmonton 2011
Joe A. Callaway Award for Derek Smith for The Witch of Edmonton 2011
Lucille Lortel Award Outstanding Revival Nomination for The Maids 2012
Drama League Award Distinguished Revival Nomination for The Maids 2012
Off Broadway Alliance Award nomination for Best Revival for The Mystery of Irma Vep 2014
Drama League Award for Distinguished Performance for Arnie Burton in The Mystery of Irma Vep 2014
Drama League Award for Distinguished Performance for Robert Sella in The Mystery of Irma Vep 2014








David Gersten & Associates