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It is a program that you have to install on your computer. It has two possible versions to set up, with respect to the operating system you've, Mac or Windows. You will only have to scan the drive of your personal computer from that you lost such video. If you don't remember it, you can scan the whole computer, yes, it will take a little longer. You won't only have the ability to scan and recover the interior content of the computer, but additionally files from USB sticks and external sticks. That is, prior to starting to download programs and other somewhat more expensive methods, from ForDataRecovery we recommend that you check the recycle bin well , as the files go there when something is deleted. If you're a Windows user you will see the recycle bin on the desktop, and in the event that you don't contain it you can seek out it through the search engine located at the bottom left of the screen. You will simply have to look for the video, press the right button and hit restore.

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