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Filling Out the Assignment Form for the Thesis Research

After the student has chosen the topic of the graduation project, he begins to select sources of information. But before writing the work itself, must receive a task.

The task for the graduation project is drawn up on a special form. The form of this document is approved by the educational institution. The supervisor is responsible for filling in this part, but in practice, most often the student and the curator jointly compose the task, if necessary, subjecting it to correction. Ultimately, the task for the WRC must be approved by the department. A sample to fill out can be asked at the department or dean's office, from the supervisor.

Please note that once the task for the graduation project has been approved by the department or the dean's office, it will not be possible to change the topic of the work. Therefore, before starting writing, it is worth briefly going over the topic, assessing the volume and quality of the material available for processing. This approach will avoid problems when writing a thesis associated with a shortage of sources.

What should be reflected in the task for the thesis project?

The standard structure of the assignment form for the diploma is as follows. All data of this document can be divided into 2 blocks:

  1. Information about the study and its author. This section indicates the surname and initials of the student, the topic of the thesis, the purpose and objectives, the timing of the project, the name of the educational institution, information about the supervisor (full name, academic degree or title), initial data.

  2. A plan for writing a thesis with a detailed schedule of each step of the graduate. In this section, the leader prescribes all the stages of writing the work, chapters and paragraphs, indicating the timing of their implementation. The starting point of the time reference is the date of approval of the topic, and the end point is the date of the defense of the WRC. The written plan must be signed by the performer and the curator.

Finding information is not always easy and simple. It will be better if at each stage the student has a small reserve of time. The first block must be attached to the graduation project. The second block is most often created between the leader and the student in order to control the progress of writing the diploma, make timely adjustments and prepare for the defense in time.

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