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Red Bull Theater's Shakespeare in Schools program is based on the belief that practical experience with the plays of William Shakespeare and the art of dramatic storytelling are critical components of any education. The inclusion of theatrical exercises and heightened poetic text in the classroom increases literacy, improves public speaking skills, broadens understanding of social issues, encourages imaginative growth, teaches collaborative problem-solving, builds emotional intelligence, and promotes self-confidence in young people.


Shakespeare in Schools introduces Shakespeare in an accessible manner and engages the creativity of students through interactive residencies. Our trained teaching artists draw young people into the world of Shakespeare’s plays through movement, speech, and performance. Teaching through hands-on exercises and performance allows students to internalize the language, and to have fun! This program simultaneously provides classroom teachers valuable tools to integrate Shakespeare into lesson plans across the curriculum, to develop a repertory of methods for helping their students connect substantively with Shakespeare, and to become more confident teaching Shakespeare’s plays, themes, and language. Our program aligns with the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.


Shakespeare in Schools offers teaching artist residencies to elementary, middle and high school students. Residencies range from 1 to 20 sessions and can be scheduled during or after school hours. Flexible in structure, these residencies are designed in collaboration with classroom teachers and two professional teaching artists to provide unique ways to introduce students to Shakespeare in active, imaginative and meaningful ways. Each residency is the result of a customized, hands-on process of development and collaboration to meet each class's specific needs. Most residencies culminate with an open sharing for student peers, faculty and parents, depending on the partner's goals.


Costs vary depending on the length and structure of each residency. Red Bull Theater is committed to helping make Shakespeare in Schools possible for all schools that would like to participate.


To start a conversation, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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