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“Fascinating. Eye-opening. Clever.”

The New York Times

“Keith Hamilton Cobb delivers a compelling turn in this deeply felt meditation on Shakespeare and racism.”

AM New York

“Fascinating. The thick racial tension of the premise predominates. It’s about performing ‘Othello’ but also, in a way, about being Othello: a black man trying to find a path to excellence in a society anxious to keep him in his place.”

The New York Times

“This fiery new play is the first, so far this year, to give an actor like Cobb his due. It says much that he had to write it himself.”

The Wrap

“Take this giant leap with American Moor. It’s worth every gripping moment.”

New York Theatre Guide

Find out more about our production of AMERICAN MOOR, on stage from August-October 2020.


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