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Together with Stage Rights we've published four collections featuring the best of our annual Short New Play Festival. This ongoing series features 10-minute plays of heightened language and classical themes by today’s hottest writers, including commissions by established playwrights such as John Guare, David Ives, Regina Taylor, and Anne Washburn, and winning entries by writers such as Mike Anderson, Sam Lahne, Lynn Rosen, and Jen Silverman–-all chosen from a competition that receives nearly 300 submissions each year. In the hands of great playwrights, the 10-minute play is a highly entertaining dramatic form. This collection offers the most delectable of these delightfully compact works – some downright silly, and others powerfully moving.


Volume I: 2011/2012


Foreword by Patrick Page


2011: Heightened Language & Classic Themes

Hippolyta and Titania by Liz Duffy Adams
Flawless Execution by Mike Anderson

Purgatory by Heidi Armbruster

Serial Killer by Elizabeth Egloff
A La Recherche Du Frank Perdue by David Grimm 

Undescended by Wendy MacLeod

The Going Price by Laura Elizabeth Nelson

Skull (Less Three and Twenty) by Jason Gray Platt

2012: Revolution

Urban Nun by Dave Carley

Diamonds Unstrung, Falling... by Constance Congdon

The Sea by John Guare

The Giant Man by Sam Lahne

The Occupier’s Tragedy by Eric Pfeffinger

Footnote Of An Obscure Revolutionary by Natalia Savvides

Three Dreams In The House Of the Sleepless by Jen Silverman


Volume II: 2013/2014


Foreword by Michael Urie


2013: Greed

The Falling Son by Arthur Holden 

Little Louise by Patricia Ione Lloyd

More Greek Drama by Winter Miller 

Rosewater by Peter Oswald

Touched by Jason Gray Platt

Lotus Eaters by Tommy Smith

East of the Sun by Regina Taylor

Great Reckoning in a Little Room by Tim West

2014: Ridiculous/Sublime

The End Of Travel by David Ives

Lilith by Will Kenton 

Cutaway by Tabia Lau

The Pequod Meets the Ocean Steward by Bridgette Dutta Portman

Hot Pants Button Eye by Lynn Rosen

Tears of a Clown by Tom Rowan

When Miss Lydia Hinkley Gives a Bird the Bird by James Still 

Nero Seneca Madea by Anne Washburn


Volume III: 2015/2016


Foreword by Jan Maxwell



2015: Uncontrolled Passions

A List of Some Shit I’ve Killed by Matt Barbot

Stones by Lee Blessing

An American Dream by Dipika Guha

In the Attic by Stephen Massicotte

First and Last in the Underworld by Ellen McLaughlin

Sleep Now by Jason Gray Platt

Dido & Aeneas by Aubrey Saverino

Romeo and Rosaline by Matthew Wells

2016: Scandal

Motley Fool by​ K.M. Abbruzzese

Swansong by​ Emily Taplin Boyd

Malaprop by​ Lisa D’Amour

The Ghoul of Amherst by​ Amy Freed

Warp and Weft by​ Anchuli Felicia King

Her Father’s Daughter by​ Dakin Matthews

The Eighth Circle by​ Bridgette Dutta Portman

The Opulent Complex by​ Lynn ​Rosen



Volume IV: 2017/2018


Foreword by Doug Wright



2017: Delusions of Grandeur

Dido, Queen of Carthage by Charlotte Ahlin 

Rules of Threes by Uriah Celaya 

Delaware, Come Home by Justin Aaron Hale 

The Divine Comedy, Part 2 (Thank You Lucas Hnath) by Arthur Kopit 

The Son by Rachel Leopold

And I Used To Be Kind Man by Dael Orlandersmith

Tantalus by Jason Gray Platt

Ino Leucothea by Christian Simonsen

2018: The Language of Love

Homecoming by Frederick Dennehy

Heart in Her Mouth by Tina Howe

Helen at the Gym by Anya Martin

Echo and Narcissus by Amanda Quaid

The Fields of Asphodel by Aubrey Saverino

In Ireland They Speak Irish; In Cornwall They Speak Cornish by Samara Weiss

The Gertrude Variations by Daniel Wilson

Me Too, We Three by Doug Wright


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