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As a theater company, the essence of our work is to gather people together to share stories and acts of imagination. So what’s a theater company to do when everyone must stay home? We’ve gone digital. 

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A new version by JESSE BERGER
Freely adapted from the original text by Thomas Middleton, Cyril Tourneur, or Anonymous

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An interactive discussion with scholar Tanya Pollard, director Jesse Berger, Paul Niebanck, Petronia Paley, Naomi Peters, Matthew Rauch and other members of the company. Read Pollard's program note.

Bull Session


Corrupt government, hypocrisy, abuse of power, adultery, murder, the death penalty, acts of vengeance, violence and vigilantism–Jacobean tragedy, or the headlines of The New York Times? This mesmerizing thriller, written a few years after Hamlet, is a searing examination of humankind’s social need for justice and our animal desire for vengeance.  Vindice, the "Revenger," sets off a chain reaction of havoc in a corrupt and decadent Venice that exposes outrageous indulgences and government hypocrisy, and ends in a massacre of epic proportions.  Part black comedy, part social satire, the play is a gleefully macabre plot-twisting blender full of Shakespeare's greatest hits.

We want to engage you and our entire community with something stimulating and of genuine value–a rather unique way to experience THE REVENGER'S TRAGEDY. We’re thrilled to reunite some of the company of artists that brought this play to life with our 2005 Off-Broadway production for this livestream benefit occasion. 

This benefit reading features Cecil Baldwin | Jason C. Brown | Denis Butkus | Geraint Wyn DaviesSaudia Davis | Ryan Farley | Ryan Garbayo | Claire Lautier | Anthony Michael Martinez | Paul Niebanck | Howard Overshown | Petronia Paley | Naomi Peters | Matthew Rauch | Russell Salmon | Derek Smith | Chauncy Thomas | Yaegel WelchEach zoomed in from wherever they are practicing social distancing. Directed by Jesse Berger, the event includes original music composed by Daniel Levy, visual and costume design by Tony Award winner Clint Ramos & Rodrigo Muñoz, fight direction by J. David Brimmer, and choreography by Tracy Bersley.


For information about our 2005 Off-Broadway production, VISIT HERE.

This event premiered LIVE on Monday, September 14. The recording of the livestream was available until 7:00 PM EDT on Friday, September 18 – then it disappeared.