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By Thomas Middleton
Directed by Jesse Berger

A hilariously scathing social satire, Thomas Middleton’s 17th-century classic speaks with a shockingly contemporary voice about sexual politics. A playful parody of serious sexual games, this Shakespearean gem explores abuse of power and gender inequality as it shows an affluent society full of envy, ambition, love and lust exploding in a spectacular tragicomic dénouement. Red Bull Theater’s production of Women Beware Women was the first Off Broadway revival of Middleton’s uproarious masterpiece in nearly 40 years.

WOMEN BEWARE WOMEN played at the Theater at St Clement's for an extended six-week Off Broadway Run from December 9, 2008 - January 18, 2009.


Mother/Hymen | Roberta Maxwell

Leantio | Jacob Fishel

Bianca | Jennifer Ikeda

Guardiano | John Douglas Thompson

Fabritio | Everett Quinton

Livia | Kathryn Meisle

Hippolito | Al Espinosa

Isabella | Liv Rooth

Ward | Alex Morf

Sordido/Hebe | Jeff Biehl

Cardinal | Jonathan Fried

Duke | Geraint Wyn Davies

Ganymede/Ensemble | Anthony Bagnetto

Cupid/Ensemble | Shannon Wicks

Ensemble | Darcie Champagne, Jodi Epstein, Lisa Helmi Johanson, Marc LeVasseur, Alison Ostergaard


Director | Jesse Berger

Set Design | David Barber

Costume Design | Clint Ramos

Lighting Design | Peter West

Composer | Scott Killian

Sound Design | Jessica Paz

Fight Director | Rick Sordelet

Choreographer | Tracy Bersley

Vocal Consultants | Samara Bay and Diego Daniel Pardo

Hair and Makeup Design | Erin Kennedy Lunsford

Properties | Sean McArdle

Mask Design | Emily DeCola

Aerial Effects | Paul Rubin

Casting Director | Stuart Howard

"This exuberant, vividly acted production should cement the company's reputation as a troupe that lovers of classic theater should put on the must-watch list"

—The New York Times


"A Most Worthwhile Theatrical Experience"



"Women Beware Women is proof not just that classic theater is alive, but that it can still be surprising after hundreds of years."


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