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Revelation Readings 2005-2006


September 19, 2005  at 45 Below at The Culture Project

DIDO, Queen of Carthage

by Christopher Marlowe

Directed by Joseph Hardy

Featuring Celeste Ciulla, Patrick Darragh, Richard Easton, Mercedes Herrero, Katie Firth, Monique Fowler, Robert Hock, Alvaro Mendoza, Paul Niebanck, John Livingston Rolle, James Seol, Danielle Streisand, and Marc Vietor


October 4, 2005 at The Culture Project


By Lee Blessing

Directed by Jesse Berger

Featuring Gerry Bamman, Howard L Blau, Jesse Shane Bronstein, Julie Jesneck, Maggie Lacey, Mary Stuart Masterson, Boris McGiver, Anthony Rapp, Laila Robins, Henry Strozier, and Haynes Thigpen


October 10, 2005  at 45 Below at The Culture Project


by Euripides (loosely translated by Anne Washburn)

Directed by Johanna McKeon

Featuring Lia Aprile, Elliotte Crowell, Kimberly Dilts, Jennifer Dundas, Lucas Howland, Karinne Keithley, Kristen Persinos, Lance Rubin, Thomas Jay Ryan, and James Urbaniak


October 25, 2005 at The Culture Project


by Beaumont and Fletcher

Directed by Jesse Berger

Cast: Mary Bacon, Mia Barron, Jason Brown, Jarlath Conroy, Kimberly Dilts, Zachary Knower, Melissa Miller, Paul Niebanck, Naomi Peters, James Seol, Michael Stuhlbarg, Sam Tsoutsouvas, James Seol, and CJ Wilson


November 1, 2005  at 45 Below at The Culture Project


by George Etherege

Directed by Kay Matschullat

Featuring Marie Brinkmann, Kate Burton, Bill Camp, Lynn Cohen, John Daggett, Dana Ivey, Peter Haring Judd, Florencia Lozano, Kathryn Merry, Olivia Oguma, Everett Quinton, James Urbaniak, Chris Wells, and Aaron Yoo


November 2, 2005  at 45 Below at The Culture Project


by April De Angelis

Directed by Kate Whoriskey

Featuring Bill Camp, Aysan Celik, Bill Camp, Matt D’Amico, Monique Fowler, Dana Ivey, Debra Jans, Annie O’Sullivan, Naomi Peters, and Samantha Soule


December 5, 2005 at 45 Below at The Culture Project


by Craig Wright

Directed by Aaron Posner

Featuring Kelly AuCoin, Dori Legg, David Marks, Howard Overshown, Ian Merrill Peakes, Aaron Posner, Michael Rudko, James Sugg, Mark Sullivan, Holly Twyford, Kiah Victoria, and Erin Weaver


December 11, 2005 at 45 Below at The Culture Project


by John Ford

Directed by Jef Hall-Flavin

Featuring Sean Arbuckle, Remy Auberjonois, Mia Barron, Jonathan Brathwaite, Allan Care, Robert Cuccioli, Philip Goodwin, Matthew Greer, Daniel Harray, Sarah Hartmann, Eric Hoffmann, Claire Lautier, Tyler Pierce, Dale Soules, Michael Rudko, Raphael Nash Thompson, Margot White, Amanda Whiting


December 13, 2005 at 45 Below at The Culture Project


by Cyril Tourneur

Directed by Will Pomerantz

Featuring Mary Bacon, Joel Bernstein, Bill Camp, Aaron Clayton, Kevin Collins, Frank Deal, Kenneth Garner, Dylan Greene, Chris Kelly, Mikel Sarah Lambert, Alvaro Mendoza, Pamela Nyberg, Laura O’Deh, Steven Rattazi, Sam Tsoutsouvas, and Jack Wetherall

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