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2017-18 Revelation Readings


October 2, 2017 at Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater at Symphony Space


by Marivaux

Translated by James Magruder

Directed by Jesse Berger

Featuring Celia Keenan-Boldger, Arnie Burton, Clifton Duncan, Carson Elrod, Zach Grenier, Kathryn Meisle, and Molly Ranson.

Love is a force to be reckoned with in Marivaux’s classic comedy, as Princess Léonide of Sparta employs wits and wiles—and britches too—when she attempts a tour de force triple-seduction of not only her young love, but also his two stick-in-the-mud guardians. 

November 13, 2017 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre 


by Aphra Behn

Adapted by John Barton and the RSC

Further adapted by Joanne Akalaitis and Kathleen Dimmick  

Directed by Louisa Proske​

Featuring  Valorie Curry, Kelley Curran, Matthew Rauch, Christopher Innvar, Nadine Malouf, Stephen Plunkett, Manoel Felciano, Julia Coffey, Edward O'Blenis, KeiLyn Durrel Jones, Jessica Love, Rebecca S'manga Frank, Michael Attias, Lucas Dixon and Howard Overshown

It’s Spain, during carnival, and anything can and does happen. Two Spanish sisters don masks and take to the streets, one to reunite with her true love, the other to find a man and evade her fate at the nunnery. Enter a trio of English rakes looking for kicks, and we get raucous and raunchy Restoration comedy at its best. 

December 11, 2017 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre 


by Christopher Marlowe

Directed by Daniel Sullivan

Featuring Michael Stuhlbarg, Patrick Page, David Pittu,  Lucas Caleb Rooney, Robert Stanton, Helen Cespedes, Zach Appelman and Stephen Spinella

With the Good Angel and Bad Angel at each shoulder, which way do you turn? Doctor Faustus, an expert in every subject from Medicine to Divinity, tries to satisfy his hunger for knowledge by indulging in necromancy. In a devilish pact, he’s granted 24 years with magic at his fingertips. But with the clock ticking down, how has Faustus used his time? And will he repent, before it’s too late? 


January 15, 2018 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre 


by Victor Hugo

Translated by John Strand

Directed by Ethan McSweeny

Featuring Frankie J Alvarez, Franchelle Stewart Dorn, Ryan Garbayo, Anthony Martinez, Ismenia Mendes, Luis Moreno, Tony Plana, Matthew Saldivar, and Derek Smith

A tale of passion and intrigue from the young Victor Hugo (of later Les Miserables fame), complete with sword fights, a lover in disguise, and deadly poisoned cup.

February 12, 2018 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre


by Molière

Adapted and directed by Stephen Wadsworth

Featuring Jenny Bacon, Mary Bacon, Gilbert Cruz, Carson Elrod, Francesca Faridany, Adam Green, Adam Greer, Adam Stein, Allen Tedder,  Raphael Nash Thompson and Stephen Wadsworth

In the hands of the great Molière, Don Juan is as much anarchic philosopher as irresistible lover, discoursing with his servant Sganarelle on heaven and hell, sex and politics, as he jumps from bed to bed, breaking every rule in the book. 

March 19, 2018 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre


by Ben Jonson

Directed by Jesse Berger

Featuring Stephen DeRosa, Ben Mehl, Jason Kravits, Edward O'Blenis, Christina Pumariega, Steven Rattazzi, Jay O. Sanders, Robert Sella, Jeanine Serralles, David Ryan Smith, Derek Smith, and Raphael Nash Thompson

When the plague hits, Lovewit flees town and foolishly entrusts his Blackfriars house to his servant Jeremy, who promptly sets up shop with fellow con man Subtle and the brilliantly sexy prostitute Doll Common.

April 16, 2018 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre


by Thomas Middleton

Directed by Craig Baldwin

Featuring Zainab Jah, Dion Johnstone, Robert Joy, Christopher Michael McFarland, Dion Mucciacito, Denis O'Hare,  Bhavesh Patel, Reynaldo Piniella,  John-Alexander Sakelos, Lee Sellars, Mirirai Sithole and Sam Tsoutsouvas

A juicy romantic thriller in the tradition of The Revenger’s Tragedy, this gem was resurrected from a single handwritten Jacobean manuscript, without title or author. Often attributed to Thomas Middleton, the play tells the tragic tale of two sisters—known simply as Lady and Wife—each unwittingly caught in a love triangle and facing a test of her fidelity.

May 14, 2018 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre


by Molière

Adapted by Christopher Bayes and Steven Epp

Directed by Christopher Bayes

Featuring Emily DeForest, Austin Durant, Steven Epp, Pornchanok Kanchanabanca, Gabriel Levey, Orlando Pabotoy, Don Darryl Rivera, Justine Williams, Liz Wisan, and Emily Young

What’s a girl to do, to avoid her unwanted wedding? Pretend she’s been struck mute, of course. And with the help of a dissolute, drunken woodcutter posing as her doctor, trick her rich old fool of a father. 

June 18, 2018 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre


by David Garrick and George Colman the Elder

Directed by Marc Vietor

Featuring Scott Aiello, Mark Linn-Baker, Nick Choksi, Dana Ivey,  Claire Karpen, Talene Monahon, Reg Rogers , Ryan Spahn, Katy Sullivan, Dina Thomas and C.J. Wilson

Wealthy merchant Mr. Sterling tries to better his social standing by marrying his eldest daughter Betsy to Sir John Melvil. Just one problem: Melvil is in love with the younger daughter Fanny, who happens to be secretly married to the humble clerk, Lovewell. And it’s up to Lovewell to convince Melvil to look elsewhere. 

July 16th, 2018 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre


Directed by Pamela Berlin and Evan Yionoulis

Featuring new plays by Tina Howe and Doug Wright along with Fred Dennehy, Anya Martin, Amanda Quaid, Aubrey Saverino, Samara Weiss, and Daniel Wilson

Starring Juliana Canfield, Helen Cespedes, Cindy Cheung, Kelley Curran, Erin Davie, Christopher Michael McFarland, Alfredo Narciso, Kristine Nielsen, Lorenzo Pisoni,  Kate Rockwell, James Udom, and more.

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