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by Aimé Césaire
Recorded LIVE on Monday, February 28, 2022

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A Play by Aimé Césaire
Translated from the French by Philip Crispin

Directed by Lanise Antoine Shelley

Featuring Isabel Ellison, Carson Elrod, Kimberly Exum, Manoel Felciano, Enid Graham, Isaiah Johnson, Anthony Michael Martinez, Paul Niebanck, Jay O. Sanders, Anthony Venturini, and C.J. Wilson 

Celebrated poet and activist Aimé Césaire strikingly adapts Shakespeare's celebrated Jacobean play through a postcolonial lens. The characters and plot are largely unchanged. Prospero conjures a violent storm to drive his enemy’s ship ashore on the island on which he is exiled with his daughter. Césaire’s island is located specifically in the Caribbean and Caliban and Ariel, depicted here as black slaves to Prospero, are centralized. Their opposing voices echo Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Written in the tumultuous 1960s, A Tempest confronts complex intersections of race, power, and anti-imperialism with intelligence, wit, and beauty. This reading is directed by Lanise Antoine Shelley, the Artistic Director of Chicago's House Theatre and the 2021 Drama League Classical Directing Fellow.

Download the program book for the performance.

The play is performed through arrangement with Georges Borchardt, Inc., for Aimé Césaire. All rights reserved.



In Order of Appearance


Master of Ceremonies, Ariel & Eshu | Kimberly Exum 

Gonzalo Paul Niebanck

Antonio Enid Graham

Sebastian Manoel Felciano

Ferdinand Anthony Michael Martinez

Miranda Isabel Ellison

Prospero Jay O. Sanders

Caliban Isaiah Johnson

Alonso C.J. Wilson

Trinculo Carson Elrod

Stephano Anthony Venturini

Aimé Césaire combined a political career as a Martinican statesman with a poetic calling in which he has been hailed as the leading Francophone poet of the 20th Century. Anti-colonialist visionary and prophet of negritude, his influence has been considerable in shaping on-going post-colonial debate.

Philip Crispin taught in Kingston, Jamaica, and spent four years in Paris studying, teaching. and pursuing theatrical projects. He was Literary Manager of the Gate Theatre before devoting himself to theatrical research.

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Lanise Antoine Shelley (she/her) is the Artistic Director of The House Theatre of Chicago. She is a Haitian actress, director, playwright, and podcast host. Selected directing credits include: Just Cause (Defamation Experience),  Pretended (written & directed for Paramount Theatre’s Inception Project), Blue Manakin (Rising Sun Performance Company), Rastas & Hattie, Black & Blue, Muthaland (16th St Theatre), Identity Lab (Lookingglass Theatre), The Tenant (Akvavit Theatre), RefuSHE Project (Voices & Faces Project), Rumors (DePaul University). She holds a BFA in directing, acting, and playwriting from Cornish College of the Arts, an MFA from ART/MXAT at Harvard University, a certificate in Classical Theatre from BADA in Oxford, England, and Birmingham Conservatory. She was Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s Chicago Fellow 2016 and Victory Gardens Theatre’s Directing Fellow 2019. Presently Lanise is the host of the podcast “When They Were Young: Amplifying Voices of Adoptees” available on all listening platforms. She is the 2021 Drama League Classical Directing Fellow. More


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